General Dentistry

General Dentistry

General Dentistry
in Tigard, OR

We prioritize the significance of maintaining optimal oral health to prevent future dental issues. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive general dentistry care, ensuring that your smile remains shining and healthy. If you are experiencing any discomfort or have specific dental concerns, rest assured that we offer tailored treatments delivered by our expert professionals. Whether you are a new or returning patient, we strive to surpass your expectations during your visit for general dentistry services.

Preventive Care

General dentistry is the bread and butter of your oral health. It’s where you get essential cleanings to keep your smile bacteria and plaque free. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to ask questions and address concerns with your general dentist. We love helping patients feel confident about their smiles. With effective preventive care and expert guidance during your dentist appointment, you have a trusted partner to keep dental issues at bay at Washington Square Dental.

General Dentistry Services

From finding relief from tooth and jaw pain to preventing plaque buildup and tooth decay, our general dentists can’t wait to share their expertise with you for better oral health. Learn more about the types of dental services we offer for preventive care and relief from dental discomfort.

Family Dentistry

We understand how important it is to find the perfect family dentist in Tigard, Oregon. Our commitment to exceptional family dentistry sets us apart, as we offer top-quality care to every person who enters our office. With speciality services that meet a wide variety of dental needs, we guarantee that each member of your family will receive expert attention. From routine dental checkups to complex procedures, we approach every patient with meticulous care and attention to detail. At Washington Square Dental, your loved ones’ well-being is our top priority with comprehensive family dentistry.

Children's Dentistry

It’s important to us to help maintain healthy smiles at every age, especially when it comes to young patients. That’s why we offer caring children’s dentistry services for kids and teens. Our experienced team provides a comfortable and welcoming environment, ensuring that even our littlest patients feel at ease during their appointments. From routine cleanings to cavity fillings, we prioritize your child’s dental health and meet their unique needs with care and attention. As a trusted children’s dentist in Tigard, OR, we’re committed to making healthy smiles a priority for your family.

Where Healthy Smiles Thrive

During your dental appointment, our top priority is to ensure your comfort and eliminate any stress during your visit. With our cutting-edge dental technology and personalized approach to patient care, we guarantee the highest standard of treatment right here in Tigard. Don’t delay any further in caring for your oral health – schedule your next appointment with us today.

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